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Clicky McClick's Clickguage
Basic Pronunciation in Clickguage
Basic Pronunciation in Clickguage
Clickguage Pronouns
Clickguage Basic Verbs and Conjugations
Glossary of Important Words

Clicky McClick's Clickguage is the easiest language you'll ever learn. It does not have a hippo-sized alphabet of hideously difficult letters and sounds. Like the Hawaiian language, it is simple and fun--the funnest, in fact. Here are the letters, both vowels and consonants, of the Clickguage, with pronunciation guidelines. Study this page long and hard before moving on to other pages, for this is the foundation of laughter and life that we will build upon hitherto.

Clicky McClick's Clickguage Alphabet

VOWELS: There are only five vowel sounds in the Clickguage. They are...
A  as in father
E  as in wet
I  as in it
O  as in note
U  as in under
CONSONANTS: There are only five consonants in the Clickguage, making for a terribly simple and fun language unlike any noises you've ever made. These consonants are interesting and involve unusual sounds not present in the English language, or, for that matter, most of the languages that have ever existed in the history of humanity. They are represented using English characters. Here they are, along with pronunciation guides/helps. Please practice these sounds long and hard, for you must needs learn them...
gh -- a click in the back of the throat, like a swallowing noise
gft -- a popping noise made by pressing the lips together and forcing air through them
xk -- a harsh guttural hiss made by in the back of the throat by restricting the
throat while breathing out sharply
vbplk -- a heartbeat-like sound made by closing the mouth and producing a thumping sound in throat.
w -- pronounced like an English "v"

A Note on Consonants

The consonants in Clickguage are represented by a series of letters, except in the case of "w." It is important to remember that all of the consonants, though they are made up of multiple letters, they represent only one sound. For example, the Clickguage letter "gft" is made up of four English letters, but it represents one letter in Clickguage and, therefore, one distinct sound. In the case of "gft" it is a popping sound. If you don't like this, do me a favor and take a long walk off a short pier, because I am busy creating a language of liberty and laughter and don't have time to verbally spar with morons and unlovably dumb people. Thanks.

Touches the Clown loves Clickguage.
Touches was swallowed by the void...
He can pronounce all the consonants.

Clickguage is cool for all the boys and girls and clowns.

Liberty and life and laughter and lusciousness...