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The language of Liberty, Love and Laughter, of Life and Lusciousness!

People of the world have sought a simplicity in language. People of the world have wished to communicate one to the other without the difficulty of wretched differences in language and grammar. Finally, Clicky McClick has brought the variety of peoples in all the world together by inventing a language we might all speak, one unto the other. Forget Esparanto, for that language has done nothing to help us, and it sounds exceedingly stupid. Now we have Clicky McClick's Clickguage, a language of few sounds that is easy to learn, simple to use, beautiful to hear, and better than you.

This site contains everything you need to know to learn Clicky McClick's Clickguage...everything except hope, which you supply yourself, winner.

Life and liberty, love and laughter and lusciousness, all waiting for you...all available through Clicky McClick's Clickguage!

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