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The official record page for offical lovers of all that is fried!

Monte Ne Chicken House is the place to rock. It is the place where they buy food to eat. Since 1996, the manliest men of Christ on Campus have ventured to the strange land of Monte Ne to feast in this farm implement-laden Inn. We do so in obedience to the biblical commandment of Acts 10:13, feasting uponst endless bowls of fried chicken, smashed taters, beans of the green variety, corn of the blessed fields, piping hot bread from the ovens of life, apple butter churned by nomads of the ancient forest, the colest slaw you ever done set your eyes upon, and one, yes, one bowl of bean soup per person. In this way, we honor those who came before us and deal with the overpopulation of chickens in Arkansas "a mismo tiempo."
NOTE ON RECORDS: some bowl sizes were smaller in the early years, such that the cole slaw bowl of today, for example, is 50% larger than the cole slaw bowl of 1996. I distinguish these records by putting the word "old" in front of records made with the older, smaller bowls. One and a half "new" bowls of cole slaw would equal three of the "old" bowls. The same goes for corn and green beans. The rest are the same. Now, go forth and feast like heathen kings of old. Thank you.
--Jeff Miller

CHICKEN -- 15 Pieces --- Ricky Rankin

COLE SLAW -- 3 "old" table-serving bowls -- Jeff Miller

BREAD -- 4 1/3 loaves -- Ryan Nelson

BUTTER -- 21 butter packets -- Mark Osmack

CRACKERS -- 43 packets (86 crackers) -- Lance Hall

CORN -- 1 1/2 "old" table-serving bowls -- Ben Johnson

GREEN BEANS -- 2 "old" table-serving bowls -- Craig Nelson

APPLE BUTTER -- 3 tubs -- Jeff West

FLY EATING -- 1 fly baked in a loaf of bread -- Don Helt

VOMITING -- 1 vomit -- Don Helt

SALT/PEPPER -- 1 salt shaker, 1 pepper shaker -- Carl Wiltse

The city of Monte Ne was originally a Utopian dream built inside a cement pyramid. When Beaver Lake was created, the cement pyramid floated away forever, leaving only a handful of hungry people and many, many tasty chickens running to and fro. The Monte Ne Inn preps these fine chickens in boiling juices, just for you! For reservations call 636-5511. Open evenings 5-8, Sunday at noon, closed Mondays. Note: farm tools on the walls are not for sale.


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