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Clicky McClick's Clickguage
Clickguage Pronouns
Basic Pronunciation in Clickguage
Clickguage Pronouns
Clickguage Basic Verbs and Conjugations
Glossary of Important Words

Clickguage Pronouns are...

Subject Pronouns:

first person singular -- gha
second person singular -- gfti
third person singular masculine -- gho
third person singular feminine -- xka
first person plural -- ghagh
second person plural -- gftighi
third person plural masculine -- ghovbplki
third person plural feminine -- xkavbplki
Object Pronouns:
first person singular -- ghai
second person singular -- gftoi
third person singular masculine -- ghoa
third person singular feminine -- xkai
first person plural -- ghagha
second person plural -- gftighoi
third person plural masculine -- ghovbplkai
third person plural feminine -- xkavbplkai

In case you are too stupid to know...
Subject Pronouns in English are "I, you, he, she, we, you, they"
Object Pronouns in English are "me, you, him, her, us, you, them"
Remember? You'll never achieve liberty and laughter if you insist on being ill-educated.