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Clicky McClick's Clickguage
Clickguage Basic Verbs and Conjugations
Basic Pronunciation in Clickguage
Clickguage Pronouns
Clickguage Basic Verbs and Conjugations
Glossary of Important Words

Here are some important verbs and their conjugations in the Clickguage...

The verb woghoxki ("to be")

gha woghoi (I am)
gfti woghai (you are)
gho/xka wovbplki (he/she is)
ghagh woxko (we are)
gftighi woxkai (you are)
ghovbplki/xkavbplki wovbplkoi (they are)
The verb aghi ("to have")

gha aghoi (I have)
gfti aghai (you have)
gho/xka aghivbplki (he/she has)
ghagh aghixko (we have)
gftighi aghixkai (you have)
ghovbplki/xkavbplki aghivbplkoi (they have)

List of Common Regular Verbs

This is a list of verb infinitives which can be conjugated by simply adding the appropriate verb ending.

gftoigftawo -- to sniff
ghuwavbplki -- to alleviate
oiwoi -- to associate with
xkoghow -- to receive
oixkaw -- to know (person)
xkowoigh -- to know (thing)
aiwaiwaiwaiwai -- to suffer
vbplkoighu -- to bring
oiaoiaw -- to put (or move)
gftowoxka -- to infer
aixkogfto -- to hear
wugftogh -- to punch
gftigftogfta -- to give someone a dime
gftigftoghogho -- to give someone a disease
gftiovbplko -- to pass wind in polite company
ewuighaw -- to stumble (to fall)
gftixkiwi -- to poop
aigftoigft -- to believe
xkuxkoigh -- to dream
vbplkuigh -- to hope
uigftughu -- to hate
oiw -- to love
awaighaivbpl -- to laugh
ugft -- to scream (in pain)
ivbplkigfti -- to live
ioiaow -- to die
auaiau -- to go to South Africa
wauwaiaw -- to go

Sample Sentences

Gha aghoi vbplkaighagha waiwaiwaixko gha woghoi o.
(I have toast because I am beautifully smelly)
Gfti woghai xkaxkaxko oxkaigho!
(You are an ugly liar!)


Basic Verb Endings:

Except for a few irregular verbs, Clickguage verbs are comprised of
here are the verb endings for each pronoun:
1st person singular -- oi
2nd person singular -- ai
3rd person singular -- vbplki
1st person plural -- xko
2nd person plural -- xkai
3rd person plural -- vbplkoi
Most verbs can be conjugated by adding the appropriate ending to the verb infinitive. Sometimes, especially with 1st and 2nd person singular, the final vowel is dropped before adding the ending. With a few irregular verbs, like woghoxki, most of the infinitive form of the verb is dropped in conjugation.